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Where are they located

Dodjivi is located in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.

What makes them unique

Dodjivi's premium healthy coffee is made with a blend of organic, functional mushrooms, it is a healthy coffee alternative.

It helps to promote energy, relieve stress, increase focus, productivity, and is immunity boosting as well. Say goodbye to the caffeine rush/crash/jitteriness, and reap the benefits of including functional mushrooms in your morning cup.

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Dodjivi's Mission

Strive to educate the foody community on how to incorporate functional foods into their daily nutrition and lifestyle. They aim to simplify the global community’s path to good health. Dodjivi's mission is to allow people to discover how to look after themselves by joining a wholesome revolution.

Dodjivi's Vision

Lead an exciting movement in the functional food industry. They want to be a sustainable Canadian company proud of making high-quality functional mushroom-based products accessible to everyone, everywhere! Dodjivi believes in providing holistic solutions to support your health journey and small lifestyle changes for a vibrant future.

Their Logo

The hippo is the national animal of the founder's homeland, Togo - a small, but mighty, country in Western Africa. The logo represents a mushroom-textured, happy hippo with the name Fafa Mush, which means "peace and calmness" in Ewe, the native language in Togo.


She is a reminder that you are born great and have the potential to be your best self with the right tools. Their hippo also goes hand in hand with the Hippocampus, vital to brain function, and Hippocrates, whose famous saying was “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

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Dodjivi's Origin Story

Before the story, it is important to get an important questions, that everyone has out of the way - What does Dodjivi mean and how do you say it? Pronounced as doe-(d)jee-vee; the name Dodjivi holds significant meaning. The founder's name is Komlanvi Dodji Dodjro; his homeland is a small country called Togo, located in West Africa. In his native language of Ewe, the word "Dodji" means courage, fortitude, hope, and perseverance. "Vi" means to start small.

They say that one who moves a mountain, begins by carrying away small stones, or as the French say “petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid”. He truly believe in having faith in the small steps, and in living a life of perseverance and courage. Courage to make the necessary choices for a fruitful and holistic lifestyle.

Komlanvi's journey began in 2013. He and his spouse, Claudine, are salsa dance teachers in Quebec. After sustaining multiple injuries and health complications, dancing became difficult for Claudine. As her pain and sleepless nights continued, Kumlanvi knew he had to do something to help her - he searched tirelessly for a solution.


Ultimately Dodjivi came to life as a by-product of Kumlanvi's love for Claudine and their journey towards health together.

Kumlanvi dove heart-first into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where he learned about the remedial properties of Ganoderma Reishi (a functional mushroom) and other healing adaptogens. He teamed up with renowned herbalist, and genius recipe developers to create the perfect blend of Reishi Mushroom Superfood Coffee. 

Once the blend was perfected Claudine began to drink the coffee blend. After the first cup, she felt hope! After the 2nd week, her pain and inflammation decreased, her energy levels and regular sleep cycles increased, by one month, she was feeling incredible and soon excited to start dancing again.


Kumlanvi himself suffer from sickle-cell anemia, and regularly deals with symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, and fatigue. After drinking the coffee blend, he started noticing significant changes in his health as well.

Kumlanvi was so inspired by the progress that both he and Claudine experienced, that they knew they must bring this healing coffee blend to anyone in need. His goal was to start a mushroom-based coffee revolution, and inspire a culture of wellness within a global community.


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