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Where are they located

Bathorium is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

What makes them unique

At Bathorium they focus on using clean, decadent ingredients. No toxins, artificial colors or synthetic fragrances.

Changing the approach to taking a bath to an act of self-care - a pause for yourself and your wellness. All of their products are designed to turn the bath into a ritual that is meaningful and purposeful - a ritual of self worship that you deserve.

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Bathorium's Ethos

Self-care, but make it indulgent.

However, they don't throw responsibility out with the bath water. Their ethos is to be as responsible and transparent as possible, formulating bath products that aren't just fit for their customers, but protect people and the planet alike.

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Bathorium's Origin Story

Back in 2014, Greg Macdonald, the founder of Bathorium, was a young backpacker arriving at a picturesque village perched on the cliffside of Italy's Amalfi Coast. He checked into accommodations in a quaint little home, managed by a no-nonsense Italian woman (nonna).

As they toured the home Greg noticed the beautiful claw foot tub in the bathroom, surrounded by shelves containing essential oils, salts, clays, and botanicals. The nonna could sense Greg's weariness, and offered to draw him a bath.

Thankful, he watched her expertly draw a bath - she had done this hundreds of times in the past. This was the bath that started it all! She scooped coconut creme and shaved raw cocoa butter, flecked lemongrass, lavender, and orange blossom oils, scattered dead sea salt and clays, and poured a freshly-brewed pot of black tea into the water - yes tea, into the water.

Greg's experience that day is what inspired him to bring this bath experience back to North America. As he sank into the clawfoot tub, cloaked by the milky water, his senses were immersed. Greg's sunburn was soothed, his skin softened, and his muscles melted.

Greg began that day, and that bath as a bartender and baker, but when he emerged from the bath that the nonna drew for him, he was a Bathologist. Once he returned hom he began experimenting in his kitchen, but this time he substituted cocktails and breads for bath bombs that would take him back to that day on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

"If you want to wash your hair, take a shower. If you want to cleanse your body, mind, and soul, take a bath" - Greg Macdonald, Founder

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