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Wow-Finds Worldwide!

At Wow-Finds Worldwide, we are dedicated to providing our community with unique and innovative products that inspire.

From nutrition bars high in antioxidants to an indoor garden using NASA's latest agriculture technology. Our natural bath and body products are carefully curated to nourish and revitalize your skin, while our selection of unique and beautiful tea and coffee offerings will delight your senses.

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About Us

Wow-Finds Worldwide is a proudly Canadian family-owned and operated company, based in London Ontario.  We strive to curate an array of products built with passion by people who love what they do, and why they do it.


We deeply understand that many people want their next purchase to mean more than the simple acquisition of new things – they want their purchase to mean something.  Maybe it’s to help fight climate change, or improve social inequalities; or to promote healthier lifestyles with better nutrition and better mental fitness.  Maybe its prioritizing products that are ethically sourced and cruelty-free, from companies that act not just as good global citizens, but as champions for change.  When the core values between consumer and provider align – that is true purchasing power.

We hope that while you are strolling through our ever-expanding selection of finds, you also take the time to check out the stories behind each of the companies – the people, their passions and the problems they hope to solve.  If they can wow you with their purpose, just wait until you get your hands on their creations!  We know you’ll be amazed. 

We are grateful you stopped by, and we hope you will come back soon.


Tonya & Chris


Wow-Finds Worldwide

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