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B&T Pet Line
The Inspiration Story

Here at Wow-Finds Worldwide we (Chris and Tonya) are excited to introduce you to our very own B&T Pet Line. This line of pet snacks, supplements, and other products has its own inspiration, as do so many of the products we carry on Wow-Finds Worldwide, but this one is proudly our own. It is one that we hope will inspire you!

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Meet Baron and Tessa, two remarkable fur-babies that found their way into Tonya’s life at just the right time. They were destined to not only become her best-friends, but to be by her side through some of the most challenging and most exceptional times in her life.

They were half Great Dane (paternal) and half Brittany Spaniel (maternal), and they were litter mates. Tessa was a spunky girl full of energy and sass, while Baron was equally full of energy but was quite the goof ball, and 100% devoted to his big sister. Their bond was incredible with both themselves, and in time, with Tonya. When Chris came into the picture Baron and Tessa welcomed him with open paws.

Between October 2022 and July 2023 we lost them both; first Baron who had an aggressive osteosarcoma, and Tessa from progressive weakness and pain caused by intervertebral disk disease. Both also suffered from a much more common age-related illness - severe arthritis, causing them both a great deal of pain and functional impairments.

Now lets consider the idea of “healthspan”, you may or may not have heard this term used, or compared to lifespan. Simply put, lifespan is the amount of time we, or our pets, are alive. While healthspan is the amount of time we, or our pets, are living a full, healthy life, without interference or pain caused by major illness or age-related functional decline. We, like most pet owners, were and are determined to give our pets the longest healthspan we possibly can.

We spent the last 3-4 years of Baron and Tessa’s lives dealing with several acute illnesses, as well as chronic functional decline and pain. We were determined to provide them with the best, most comfortable life possible, and towards the end this included daily injections of pain medications, along with a myriad of other pills akin to what many elderly people end up taking.

What we came to ask ourselves is – is there another way? We knew that for Baron and Tessa we had tried many supplements and a more natural approach later in their lives; but is there a way that we could delay the onset and progression of specific illnesses, especially those related to age.

This brings us to the B&T Pet Line, we wanted to curate a line of pet snacks and other products designed to help us, and other pet owners, to improve the healthspan of our fur-babies, well before the obvious signs of aging or illness. This is our way of honoring our beloved Baron and Tessa – as they will forever be in our hearts and have left their pawprints on our lives. If their legacy can help our new pup Bullet, also half-Great Dane and half-Mastiff, along with numerous other dogs and their families enjoy more healthful years together then they would want us to carry this forward.

Our guiding principle in creating and curating the B&T Pet Line is simple: provide pet owners with wholesome, nourishing options for their beloved fur-babies. Each product, from delectable snacks to essential supplements, has been thoughtfully selected as they have a minimal number of natural ingredients, and are made with minimal processing. Our aim is to broaden pets' nutritional horizons, offering a diverse range of natural foods to counteract the effects of aging and associated inflammation, ultimately enhancing the health and lifespan of our cherished pets.

Wow-Finds Worldwide has been committed to offering unique and purpose-driven products, and the B&T Pet Line is a natural extension of that commitment.

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