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Where are they located

Crafty Beasts is located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

What makes them unique

Crafty Beasts has crafted a nutritious and hydrating "brew" for our beloved pups. Their "brews" are all 100% alcohol free beverages made from local ingredients sourced from maritime farmers - think upcycling funny shaped apples which would otherwise be food waste.

Their brews are a source of essential minerals, providing immune and joint support, promoting digestion and gut health, all while tasting great.

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Because Best Friends Drink Together

Diverting Funny Shaped Fruits from Waste
Crafty Beasts is focused on not only making a tasty beverage to allow humans and dogs to relax and bond together, they are also focused on being environmentally conscious. Many of their all-natural ingredients are sourced from local maritime farmers, including oddly shaped fruits and vegetables, which would otherwise be discarded as food waste.

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Crafty Beasts Origin Story

We all know that "dog's are man's best friend", enjoying almost everything together - from running, playing, sleeping - but what about relaxing and enjoying a "cold one" together. Somehow a bowl of water just didn't seem quite right to Einstein, the Chief Product Developer at Crafty Beasts.

Einstein and his humans (Cindy and Daniel) worked to develop a tasty, nutritious, and hydrating "brew" that dogs would not only love, but would provide them with many of the essential minerals and nutrients to help support their active bodies.

Along came Fetch, crack open a cold one with your pup, and enjoy watching them lap it up.